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About Tyler Sherwin

Hello! My name is Tyler and I really appreciate you spending time to look into my story. I never imagined how my career as a magician would have gone over the past five years. From performing at an Applebee's in Warsaw Indiana, to performing on the Las Vegas Strip for three years. Looking back at my life, I never thought things would unfold the way they did until I took that leap of faith and gave my dreams everything I had. Performing all over the country, and posting viral videos that have changed my life, this small dream of being a magician, became a reality. 

What is Tyler Sherwin Magic

Tyler Sherwin Magic is an entertainment business that provides the best of close-up and stage magic. Currently based out of Las Vegas, Tyler Sherwin specializes in comedy and sleight of hand magic; you are sure to be sore from laughter by the end of his show, creating a memory that will last forever. 


Specializing in comedy and sleight of hand magic, Tyler Sherwin performs and travels to many venues. Corporate events, trade shows, comedy clubs, night clubs, virtual shows, restaurant shows, and private parties personalized for any age and event are of the many ways you can book a show with Tyler Sherwin Magic. In the past couple years alone, Tyler has gained over two-million social media subscribers and  performed for big names including Mike Tyson and Tommy Chong. This being said, Tyler performs both walk-around magic, and stage magic, depending on what clients want. Shows are fully customizable according to the clients needs.

Bringing Vegas to the Midwest

Tyler Sherwin recently moved from Las Vegas back to the Midwest to expand his entertainment company back to his home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana. For the past three years, Tyler Sherwin has been performing magic and comedy in countless fine dining establishments and nightclubs on the strip in Las Vegas. Bringing Vegas to the Midwest isn’t an easy project, but Tyler was able to understand the entertainment Industry and realize how important great entertainment is to making every event unique and memorable.


Tyler focuses on making every event unforgettable, from the music to the magic. Tyler Sherwin Entertainment has the ability to bring in the best local entertainment and also has connections to many spectacular performers in Las Vegas that can be added to any package. Your booking will be an unforgettable event and something everyone will talk about for decades. We specialize in creating every event to be unique, from the DJ’s hired, to the entertainment used. Every show is customizable to fit exactly what you need. If you need Entertainment, the best company is Tyler Sherwin Entertainment.

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