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About Tyler Sherwin

Greetings! I'm Tyler Sherwin, and I'm thrilled that you've taken the time to delve into my journey. Over the past five years, my career as a magician has surpassed all my expectations. It's been an incredible ride, from performing at an Applebee's in Warsaw, Indiana, to captivating audiences on the renowned Las Vegas Strip for an impressive three-year stretch. Reflecting on my life, I could have never foreseen the remarkable path that unfolded once I mustered the courage to pursue my dreams wholeheartedly. Embarking on performances across the country and creating viral videos that transformed my life, my modest aspiration of becoming a magician has truly materialized.


What is Tyler Sherwin Magic

Discover Tyler Sherwin Magic, your premier source for unforgettable entertainment that seamlessly combines close-up and stage magic. Based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Tyler Sherwin specializes in comedic and skillful sleight of hand magic, leaving audiences in stitches and creating lasting memories.

With expertise in both comedy and sleight of hand magic, Tyler Sherwin is a versatile performer who caters to various venues and occasions. Whether it's corporate events, trade shows, comedy clubs, nightclubs, virtual shows, restaurant performances, or private parties, Tyler Sherwin Magic offers personalized experiences tailored to suit any age group and event.

In recent years, Tyler has amassed an impressive following of over two million social media subscribers while wowing prominent figures such as Mike Tyson and Tommy Chong. As a performer, Tyler seamlessly transitions between walk-around magic and captivating stage performances, ensuring a tailored experience that meets the unique desires of each client. Every show is fully customizable, allowing for a truly personalized and extraordinary entertainment experience that will leave your guests enthralled.

Moving Forward: TDK Entertainment

Introducing TDK Entertainment, a dynamic new venture founded by Tyler and his two accomplished business partners. Our mission is to curate extraordinary and unforgettable experiences through our exceptional talent roster. With a collective experience spanning over 40 years, we possess the expertise and passion needed to transform your event into a truly remarkable occasion.

At TDK Entertainment, we bring together a diverse range of skills, including extensive production knowledge, a keen understanding of social media dynamics, and an extensive network within the entertainment industry. Harnessing these strengths, we are making a significant impact in the entertainment landscape, leaving an indelible mark on every project we undertake.

With our unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to craft unique experiences, TDK Entertainment stands poised to deliver unparalleled entertainment solutions. Trust us to create unforgettable moments that will leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests.

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